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Greetings and welcome to our site!

We are a traditional Chinese medicine and integrative healing clinic, serving our Houston community since 2008! Our mission is to make available to you healing solutions which can address the root causes of your health issues as well as natural, safe, and effective.

What We Offer:

Traditional style acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

.  A range of integrative modalities including energetic therapies, bodywork, qi gong therapy.

Comprehensive care with specialization in pain management and internal medicine.

Wellness, preventive, and rehabilitation support.

.  A decade of producing high success rates and highly satisfied patients.

Personalized, dedicated patient care and support.

.  Spiritually nurturing and peaceful healing environment.

.  Central location and conveniently accessible.

How acupuncture works in a nutshell...

Acupuncture is a treatment method in Chinese medicine which uses very fine medical grade needles to activate specific energy points in the body. The needles work on the matrix of energy channels that cover our entire body. The functions of the needles are to circulate qi (energy) and blood, to disperse blockages, and guide energy to where it needs to go for the intended healing purpose. On average 8-10 acupuncture points are needled in a treatment session and they can be found on the head, face, ears, trunk, limbs, hands, feet, front or back of the body.   Learn more about acupuncture

Is acupuncture right for you?

If you have been suffering from a chronic illness, have tried virtually every therapy under the sun and nothing seems to work... acupuncture and Chinese medicine might be your healing solution.

We invite you to meet with our acupuncturist to get an in-depth assessment for your condition(s). You have nothing to lose -- your consultation is complimentary.

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The cold season is descending on Houston and we're starting to enjoy much needed cooler air, as most Houstonians have had enough of the summer heat and humidity. Unfortunately, the cold season does wreak its own kind of havoc with the cold and flu to contend with throughout the season. Cold and flu can easily attack those who have chronically elevated stress, low energy, and weak immunity. We want to help you prepare for this cold season with acupuncture to boost your energy and immune system and resist unwanted pathogens.

Take advantage of our seasonal discount, prepare your body with acupuncture, stock up on preventive herbal support, and enjoy good health this fall and winter seasons!

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