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Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine is a medical system that originated in China more than 5,000 years ago even before written history. Within the Chinese medicine system are different methods and tools that we use for treatment, and one of the primary methods known to most people is of course acupuncture. In the past millennium acupuncture and Chinese medicine spread to many parts of Asia and became a major medical practice in countries including Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.

In more recent time, around the past two centuries, Chinese medicine became accepted and practiced in different parts of Europe. Here in America acupuncture got a pretty late start, having made advancement into the American consciousness only since 1975 after president Nixon returned from his trip to China where he fell ill and was healed by a team of top notch Chinese acupuncturists. Being so convinced and amazed by Chinese medicine, the president proclaimed the wonderful efficacy and benefits of acupuncture for the first time to the American public.

Although the U. S. was behind its European brothers and sisters in the awareness and usage of Chinese medicine, we are very blessed to now have access to this powerful medicine in the United States and to benefit from its wide application for any conditions of the human body.

Principles and philosophy

Chinese medicine principles are founded on a simple yet profound natural law of balance and movement. Balance and movement are the inherent forces in our universe. Look around us and we can see that everything is in constant movement and always striving to reach equilibrium. This is nature's law. The wise sages of old keenly observed and studied nature. They found that humans, being an integral part of the universe, are subject to the laws that govern this universe.

The human system is the mapping, the small blueprint of the bigger cosmic blueprint within which we exist. Therefore to know ourselves, we need to know the universe around us. To understand how our body functions, we can observe and see how nature, the universe functions. Look at the existing elements in our external environment - air, water, heat, cold, moisture, dampness, solids, liquids, wind, fire, etc. - we have the exact same things in our body, the internal environment. We are the blueprint of the universe. Therefore to exist optimally, we must live in harmony and comply to the natural laws that govern us and all things in this realm. When we deviate from the operational laws of nature, imbalances and consequently disease, decay, and death set in. 

Good health requires the maintenance of balance and continual movement. With movement, life is supported and enhanced. When movement stops, hence stagnation, disease and death result. Very much like moving water retains its freshness while stagnant water in a bucket quickly putrefies. This is the premise that Chinese medicine foundation was built upon as well as the construction of its diagnostic and treatment methodology which seeks to determine the areas and nature of imbalances in the body, where along the intricate network of energetic pathways stagnations and obstructions occurred, and aims to clear the pathways, restore and enhance the free flow of energy circulation throughout the body, and reverse the imbalances to achieve healing.

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