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Flower essence for emotional healing

Flower essence is a form of energetic therapy by utilizing the energetic imprint of a flower's healing signature to address physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual issues. Flower essence therapy was discovered in the early 1900's by an English doctor named Edward Bach. It works by the principle that all diseases of any forms are the result of a deep state of discontent, disharmony, and disconnect in a person's soul life. The origin of disease always begins at the soul level and works downward in the forms of psychological manifestation, emotional manifestation, and lastly physical body manifestation. Most chronic physical health issues have emotional or psychological causes, for example cancer, arthritis, asthma, allergy, diabetes, even being accident-prone. Therefore to deeply heal any health issues, it is imperative that we address the associated emotional, mental, or spiritual causes.


the gentle power of flowers to heal at soul level

Flower essence acts as a catalyst in helping one to make a shift in consciousness, to identify and release dysfunctional patterns of behavior, and to help one attune to and embrace a new paradigm of awareness and healthy functional response in daily life.

This is a super gentle therapy yet powerful in its healing effects. When one faithfully stays with this therapy over a period of time, flower essence produces profound healing and transformation that eventually takes one to a state of understanding, compassion for self and others, forgiveness, and the ability to move forward. Once arrived at this stage of awakening of heart and mind, the fruit of healing has ripened.

Flower essence is a liquid solution to be taken orally on daily basis. Standard intake is 2-4 drops, three times a day. The remedies are tasteless and odorless.

The ease and convenience of taking the remedies makes this therapy especially compatible for treating children, infants, animals, and people with any forms of limitation or disability.

Applications of flower essence:

  • Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual issues
  • Chronic, unmitigated health problems
  • Emotional blocks, dysfunctional behavior
  • Abuse, fear, phobias, paranoia
  • Unresolved childhood or life trauma
  • Social anxiety, maladjustment, or dysfunction
  • Energetic ultra-sensitivity, boundaries problem
  • Psychic attacks, invasions
  • Vulnerability, needing protection
  • Unresolved past life issues
  • Dysfunctional family or relationship patterns
  • Mother/father, male/female issues
  • Chronic or acute stress
  • Chakra clearing, cleansing, and opening
  • Powerful opener of heart center
  • Heighten spiritual awareness
  • Develop compassion, sensitivity, empathy
  • Accelerate spiritual development
  • Major life transitions or crisis
  • Works well for children, infants, and animals.
Disease is, in essence, the result of conflict between soul and mind, and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort.

Dr. Edward Bach -- flower essence pioneer