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Herbal Medicine

Herbs are the oldest form of medicine in the world. For millions of years, plants were the only source of medicine available to humans and animals throughout the world to heal the sick and save lives. All cultures of the world have used herbs through the ages to heal illness and support health, including the West.

Before the existence of the pharmaceutical industry, our ancestors relied on herbs to treat diseases as well as to enhance health. Our grandparents, great grandparents and their great, great grandparents relied on herbs.

The human species has sustained itself quite well on herbs so much so that our generation still exists today. This testimony is enough to prove the validity, efficacy, health supporting, and life sustaining functions of the plant kingdom for humans and all life forms on earth and to dispel any fear one may have about herb usage.

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Benefits of herb usage:

.  Thousands of years of accumulated knowledge, experiences, and usage makes

     herbs the most extensively tested and reliable medicine.

.  Herbs work with your body, not suppress or negate the natural functions of your


.  Herbs are natural therefore they can be assimilated better in our bodies.

.  Herbs are powerful and effective but do not cause damage to health.

.  Herbs are safe for people of all ages including young children.

  • .  Herbs are safe for both short and long term use especially when taken under the
  •     care of a trained herbalist.

Our clinic's herbal protocol:

For many millennia, herbs are an important and indispensable component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. At our clinic, about 90% of all treatments include herbs. Our clinical experiences have shown that so far our herbs are not interfering with patients' medications and we have not received any reports of adverse drug interactions. In prescribing herbs we take care, to the best of our ability, to consider patients' conditions and the current medications that they are taking to prevent any potential drug interaction. If any concerns arise, our acupuncturist can adjust the dosage or formula to suit patients' needs.

Most herbs that we prescribe are safe and have no side effects. Some herbs may cause momentary discomfort in some people depending on the person's constitution, for example slight headache or dizziness in the initial 1-3 days of taking the herbs. Once your body adjusts to the herbs, the discomfort goes away. Most patients at our clinic have very normal experience with herbs.

The potential for toxicities to build up in the body may occur only if herbs are consumed in massive quantities over an extended period of many years. This is unlikely to happen at our clinic for the reason that our acupuncturist follows a conservative practice with herbal therapy. Once patients improved, they are either taken off the herbal therapy or given a decrease in frequency and dosage of the formulas depending on their conditions.