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Sound Healing

Sound healing is one of our favorite energy therapies for clearing blockage and balancing the energy system. Sound vibration has been used for healing individual and collective energy since ancient times such as through music, drumming, chanting. Sound is an incredibly effective form of vibrational modality to clear blocked energy, release tension, and restore balance to your energy field. Hence, sound healing is very beneficial for many conditions related to energy blockage which can be a cause for pain, anxiety, chronic stress and tension.

What you can expect in a sound healing session:

In our sound healing session, we use a combination of several modalities to achieve the best effectiveness possible including the Tibetan singing bowl, energy healing, a mini massage, and aromatherapy.

1.  The treatment begins with a mini massage to help relax your body and release tension, also to initiate a preliminary clearing of your energy channels. In combination with the massage we utilize aromatherapy to open all your sensory centers by the infusion and pervasion of soothing, energizing, deliciously healing aromas of your choice.

2.  Once your energy field is more relaxed, open, and receptive we go into the deeper phase of clearing and releasing for all your major energy channels and chakras with the Tibetan singing bowl -- this phase is like doing a plumbing job on your meridian system.

3.  Then, we move into the final phase of the treatment in which we administer energy healing to further unblock and release any residual energetic tension, to smooth out and balance your energy flow, and bring in cosmic healing vibrations to replenish your entire energy system. This is the restorative phase of the treatment in which your entire body, mind, spirit bathe in Divine Light, Love, and Joy.

  • Throughout this process, you will be cradled in our warm, peaceful, and spiritually nurturing healing space. Sound therapy is appropriate for addressing a particular condition or to support your general wellness.

  • It is comfortable, soothing, relaxing, uplifting, healing and nurturing. After a sound therapy session you should have a feeling of lightness and well-being as well as more clarity emotionally and mentally. 

  • What a wonderful way to release the stress, tension, and any negative emotion or energy which does not serve your well-being and happiness!